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Changing Habits for Urban Mobility Solutions (CHUMS)

Start date 01/03/2014 - End date 31/08/2016 (Closed)
The CHUMS project promotes car pooling by combining carpooling week, personalised travel plans and a mobility jackpot lottery into one behaviour change campaign. Each campaign element has been...

Polycentric Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (POLY-SUMP)

Start date 14/04/2012 - End date 14/10/2014 (Closed)
‘Diffuse city’ regions are territories where urban functions (work, shop, entertainment etc.) are scattered in a polycentric network of compact towns and villages. Urban sprawl is also affecting...

Advanced Training and Education for Safe Eco-driving of Clean Vehicles (ACTUATE)

Start date 01/08/2012 - End date 31/01/2015 (Closed)
ACTUATE worked with public transport operators to develop, test and conduct safe eco-driving trainings for drivers of different clean vehicle types. So far safe eco-driving training was only...

ECO trainEr For Fleet CommErcial truCks and lighT vehicles (ECOEFFECT)

Start date 21/04/2011 - End date 10/11/2013 (Closed)
ECOeffect seeks to support the development of energy-efficient driving schemes in Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic by enabling the target markets to deliver eco-driver training....

ECO Stars Europe (ECOSTARS)

Start date 21/04/2011 - End date 21/01/2014 (Closed)
ECOSTARS Europe promotes more energy efficient and cleaner freight movements by providing recognition,...

Ecodriving - Widespread Implementation for Learners and Licensed Drivers (ECOWILL)

Start date 01/05/2010 - End date 30/04/2013 (Closed)
ECOWILL makes use of and builds further on the networks, momentum, know-how and deliverables established and produced in former and currently running EC projects like TREATISE, FLEAT and in...

European Farmers and Foresters Involved for Contributing to an Intelligent Energy Network towards the Target of 20% reduction in fuel consumption (EFFICIENT20)

Start date 01/05/2010 - End date 30/04/2013 (Closed)
EFFICIENT20 sought to encourage farmers and foresters to contribute to the target set by the European Union of 20% energy savings compared to the projections by 2020. The focus was put on fuel oil...

TRAining programmes to INcrease Energy-efficiency by Railways (TRAINER)

Start date 01/12/2006 - End date 30/11/2009 (Closed)
TRAINER ( aimed to improve energy efficiency of the railways in at least 5 EU-countries: the Netherlands, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Greece. Training programmes and facilities...

Rewarding and Recognition Schemes for Energy Conserving Driving, Vehicle Procurement and Maintenance (RECODRIVE)

Start date 01/10/2007 - End date 31/03/2010 (Closed)
RECODRIVE stands for merging existing Ecodriving initiatives with good fleet management and logistics...

e-learning for training Energy Agencies in mobility management and alternative fuels (E-TREAM)

Start date 01/01/2006 - End date 31/08/2008 (Closed)
The objective of e-TREAM was to complement the activities of the STEER-projects on capacity building-(COMPETENCE, e-ATOMIUM, TREATISE), by integrating their training modules in an e-learning...