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SPIRIT - Energising Faith Communities (SPIRIT)

Start date 01/03/2014 - End date 30/11/2016 (Closed)
SPIRIT ran from March 2014 to November 2016 and was delivered by a partnership of 8 organisations in 8 Member States. The project engaged faith based organisations in a programme that aimed to...

Promotion of smart and integrated NZEB renovation measures in the European renovation market (NEZER)

Start date 01/03/2014 - End date 28/02/2017 (Closed)
NeZeR promotes the implementation and smart integration of Nearly Zero Energy Building Renovation (NZEBR) measures and the deployment of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in the European renovation...

European Enterprises' Climate Cup (EECC)

Start date 26/02/2014 - End date 25/08/2016 (Closed)
The project aims to increase transparency on energy consumption, CO2 emission and costs in SMEs by establishing and maintaining an energy management and advice service in 10 member states.A...

Beyond Energy Action Strategies (BEAST)

Start date 01/03/2014 - End date 28/02/2017 (Closed)
BEAST was a 36-month project with the general objective of closing the implementation gap of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs). The specific objectives of BEAST included: setting up local...

MLEI Oxford Total Retrofit (OTR)

Start date 29/11/2012 - End date 28/11/2015 (Closed)
One of the biggest challenges for small and medium-sized local authorities is to prepare sustainable energy and retrofit projects which are big enough to be considered bankable by finance...

Community Power: enabling legislation to increase public acceptance for RES projects across Europe (CO-POWER)

Start date 15/04/2013 - End date 14/04/2016 (Closed)
The objective is to develop EU and national legislation & financing to increase citizen participation in, and ownership of, RES projects across EU – thus ‘community power’. Community projects...

Solar Thermal in Major Renovations and Protected Urban Areas (URBANSOLPLUS)

Start date 01/06/2011 - End date 31/05/2014 (Closed)
Article 13 of the 2009/28/EC Directive requires minimum share of renewables for new buildings and major renovations. Given the current very low construction rate for new buildings, renovation play...

Rural Web Energy Learning Network for Action (ERENET)

Start date 21/06/2011 - End date 20/12/2013 (Closed)
eReNet aimed to add value to local actions in rural communities, creating an intelligent and integrated "Rural Web Energy Learning Network for Action". Mainly through peer to peer communication...

Capacity Building of Local Governments to Advance Local Climate and Energy Action – from Planning to Action to Monitoring (COVENANT CAPACITY)

Start date 01/06/2011 - End date 31/05/2014 (Closed)
The main project aim is to assist local Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) development in Europe - from motivation, planning, implementation, to monitoring and evaluating.  The Covenant capaCITY...

Network of small rural communities of energetic neutrality (RURENER)

Start date 01/12/2008 - End date 30/11/2011 (Closed)
RURENER project established a network of small rural communities committed towards energy-neutrality (energy saving and decentralised supply of energy from renewable sources). Fourteen pilot...