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Optimizing Pathways and Market Systems for Enhanced Competitiveness of Sustainable Bio-Energy (BIOTEAM)

Start date 01/04/2013 - End date 31/03/2016 (Closed)
The aim of BIOTEAM is to help public and private stakeholders gain better insights on how the bioenergy market works and how private business decisions and EU and national policy instruments (e.g.,...

Promotion of used cooking oil recycling for sustainable biodiesel production (RECOIL)

Start date 02/05/2012 - End date 01/05/2015 (Closed)
RecOil aims to increase sustainable biodiesel production and its local market intake by enhancing the household used cooking oil (UCO) collection and transformation. Biodiesel produced from UCO...

OILECO VALUE CHAINS: Fostering Public-Private Partnerships for the Local Bio-Energy Market Value Chains of Used Cooking Oils (OILECO)

Start date 01/07/2011 - End date 31/03/2014 (Closed)
The action is geared to the promotion of public-private partnerships (PPP) for the realization of OILECO value chains: Used Cooking Oil (UCO) collection, regeneration, and energy valorisation...

Enhancing the Implementation of Quality and Sustainability Standards and Certification Schemes for Solid Biofuels (SOLIDSTANDARDS)

Start date 01/04/2011 - End date 31/03/2014 (Closed)
In the SolidStandards project, solid biofuel industry players will be informed and trained in the field of standards and certification and their feedback will be collected and provided to the...

Align biofuel GHG emission calculations in Europe (BIOGRACE)

Start date 01/05/2010 - End date 31/03/2013 (Closed)
The project aims to harmonise calculations of biofuel greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) that are performed in the EU under legislation implementing the Renewable Energy Directive and the Fuel Quality...

Promotion of Short Rotation Coppice for District Heating Systems in Eastern Europe (BIO-HEAT)

Start date 01/09/2010 - End date 31/08/2012 (Closed)
Alternative energy sources to fossil fuels are urgently required, and bioenergy is considered one of the best candidates. Concretely, Short Rotation Coppice (plantations of fast growing trees), are...

Biofuels and Electric Propulsion Creating Sustainable Transport in Tourism Resorts (BIOSIRE)

Start date 01/09/2008 - End date 31/08/2011 (Closed)
BIOSIRE aims to establish a shift towards bio-diesel and electric propulsion for fleets, ships and special vehicles in tourist areas in Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Croatia and Austria. The...

Solutions for biomass fuel market barriers and raw material availability (EUBIONET III)

Start date 01/09/2008 - End date 31/08/2011 (Closed)
EUBIONET III boosted sustainable, transparent international biomass fuel trade, secured the most cost efficient and value-adding use of biomass for energy and industry and identified yet...

Adolescence for renewable energies in transport (ADORE IT)

Start date 01/09/2008 - End date 31/08/2011 (Closed)
Adore It aims at increasing the use of biofuels in transport by creating a substantial market demand for pure and blended biofuels, mainly by large fleet owners. Within each region, key actors &...

Sustainable Green Fleets (SUGRE)

Start date 01/01/2006 - End date 31/12/2008 (Closed)
SUGRE aims to encourage vehicle owners to switch to cleaner fuels, whether they be biofuels, methane or hybrid systems using both combustion engines and electric propulsion. There is a need to show...