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EE MUSIC – The European Initiative for Upscaling Energy Efficiency in the Music Event Industry (EE MUSIC)

Start date 15/05/2013 - End date 14/01/2016 (Closed)
Music event production is a booming industry with increasing energy consumption and environmental impact. Music festivals, concerts and clubbing events are energy intensive, but due to lack of...

Standby and Off-Mode Energy Losses In New Appliances Measured in Shops (SELINA)

Start date 01/10/2008 - End date 30/09/2010 (Closed)
SELINA characterized the European market in terms of standby and off consumption in new electrical and electronic household and office equipment, being sold in shops, by developing an appliance...

Promotion of energy efficient appliances (PROMOTION 3E)

Start date 01/10/2008 - End date 30/09/2011 (Closed)
Promotion 3E aimed at reducing the energy consumption of households’ electric equipments and products by implementing actions to encourage the take-up of energy-efficient appliances as well as...

Smart Domestic Appliances in Sustainable Energy Systems (SMART-A)

Start date 01/01/2007 - End date 30/06/2009 (Closed)
Coordinating the demand of domestic energy appliances with local sustainable energy generation and the requirements of regional load requirements in electricity networks is a complex yet necessary...

Harmonizing air-conditioning inspection and audit procedures in the tertiary building sector (HARMONAC)

Start date 01/09/2007 - End date 31/08/2010 (Closed)
Through undertaking monitoring and measurement of the energy use in 42 AC systems and their components in 8 EU Member States, HARMONAC has been able to provide an evidence based report on the...

Sustainable, comfortable and competitive biomass based heating of private houses (BIOHOUSING)

Start date 01/01/2006 - End date 31/12/2008 (Closed)
Lack of knowledge, disregarding requirements of biomass heating and absence of standard technical systems are the greatest barriers in promoting biomass based energy in private houses....

Field benchmarking and Market development for Audit methods in Air Conditioning (AUDITAC)

Start date 01/01/2005 - End date 31/12/2006 (Closed)
Under new EU legislation, governments are obliged to adopt inspection schemes for air-conditioning systems over a certain cooling output. AuditAC investigated and promoted auditing procedures as a...