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Timo Husu
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Related projects

Title Sector Website End date
"Monitoring of energy efficiency in Europe" (ODYSSEE MURE 2012) Energy Services, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 30/09/2015
A programme to deliver energy certificates for display in public buildings across Europe within a harmonising framework (EPLABEL) Buildings, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 28/02/2007
Benchmarking and Energy Management Schemes in SMEs (BESS) Industry, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 30/04/2007
CONCERTED ACTION ON THE ENERGY SERVICES DIRECTIVE (CA ESD) Monitoring and evaluation, Integrated Initiatives 01/06/2011
Creating Actions among Energy Conscious Children (KIDS4FUTURE) Energy education, Integrated Initiatives 31/12/2009
Dissemination, Extension and Application of the Motor Challenge Program (DEXA-MCP) Equipment and products, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 30/06/2007
Ecodriving - Widespread Implementation for Learners and Licensed Drivers (ECOWILL) Energy-efficient transport, Transport (STEER) 30/04/2013
EPBD Concerted Action III (2011-2015) (EPBD CA III) Buildings, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 08/10/2015
EPOMM - Partners Learning Urban Sustainability (EPOMM PLUS) Energy-efficient transport, Transport (STEER) 30/06/2012
Establishment of regional biomass markets through plant partnerships (BIOMASS PARTNERSHIPS) Heating and Cooling, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 28/02/2007
EU-wide establishment of enduring national and European support networks for sustainable urban mobility (ENDURANCE) Energy-efficient transport, Transport (STEER) 30/04/2016
EURO-TOPTEN PLUS (EURO-TOPTEN PLUS) Equipment and products, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 22/12/2011
Eurocontract - European Platform for the Promotion of Energy Performance Contracting (EUROCONTRACT) Financial mechanisms and incentives, Integrated Initiatives 31/12/2007
European Campaign On improving DRIVing behaviour, ENergy-efficiency and traffic safety (ECODRIVEN) Energy-efficient transport, Transport (STEER) 31/12/2008
European uptake of successful implementations of Industrial LTA's as a part of voluntary agreements on energy savings (EU LTA UPTAKE) Industry, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 30/06/2009
Evaluation and Monitoring of the EU Directive on energy end-use efficiency and energy services (EMEEES) Monitoring and evaluation, Integrated Initiatives 30/04/2009
Evaluation of Energy Behavioural Change Programmes (BEHAVE) Monitoring and evaluation, Integrated Initiatives 30/04/2009
Financing Instruments trough National Association Networking in Countries of Europe (FINANCE) Sustainable energy communities, Integrated Initiatives 31/12/2006
GREENBUILDING (GREENBUILDING) Buildings, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 31/12/2006
GreenLabelsPurchase - making a greener procurement with energy labels (GREENLABELSPURCHASE) Equipment and products, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 30/06/2008
Integration of Active Learning and Energy Monitoring with School Curriculum (ACTIVE LEARNING) Energy education, Integrated Initiatives 31/12/2008
INternational Transport and Energy Reduction ACTION - Energy efficiency equals cost efficiency: engaging sectoral organisations as champions and messengers to reduce energy use in freight transport. (INTERACTION) Energy-efficient transport, Transport (STEER) 30/09/2008
Maximising Topten Communication on Top Runner Products (EURO-TOPTEN-MAX) Consumer behaviour, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 31/12/2014
Monitoring of energy demand trends and energy efficiency in the EU (ODYSSEE MURE (EU-27)) Monitoring and evaluation, Integrated Initiatives 17/09/2009
Monitoring of energy efficiency in EU15 and Norway (ODYSSEE-MURE) Monitoring and evaluation, Integrated Initiatives 31/12/2006
More Options for Energy Efficient Mobility through Car-Sharing (MOMO CAR-SHARING) Energy-efficient transport, Transport (STEER) 30/09/2011
Reducing energy consumption: making efficient products the normal and best choice for consumers, retailers and manufacturers (EURO-TOPTEN) Equipment and products, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 31/10/2008
Securing The Take-off of Building Energy Certification: Improving Market Attractiveness through Building Owner Involvement (STABLE) Buildings, Energy efficiency (SAVE) http://no.longer.available 30/06/2007
Technology procurement for very energy efficient circulation pumps (ENERGY+ PUMPS) Equipment and products, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 31/12/2008
Top quality energy efficient lighting for the domestic sector (PREMIUMLIGHT) Equipment and products, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 31/10/2014
Training programme for local energy agencies and actors in transport and sustainable energy actions (TREATISE) Local capacity building, Transport (STEER) 30/06/2007