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Related projects

Title Sector Website End date
Definition of grid-parity for photovoltaics and development of measures to accompany PV applications to the grid parity and beyond (PV PARITY) Electricity production, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 30/11/2013
Economic grid support from variable renewables (RESERVICES) Electricity production, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 30/09/2014
European Solar Days II (ESD II) European networking for local action, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 31/08/2013
Post 2020 framework in a liberalised electricity market with large share of Renewable Energy Sources (MARKET4RES) Electricity production, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 30/09/2016
PV POLICY GROUP (PV POLICY GROUP) Electricity production, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 30/04/2007
Quality certification & accreditation for installers of small-scale renewable energy systems (QUALICERT) Small-scale applications, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 31/12/2011
Reducing barriers hampering large-scale integration of PV electricity into the distribution grid (PV GRID) Electricity production, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 31/10/2014
Reduction of legal-administrative barriers for PV system installations in Europe (PV LEGAL) Small-scale applications, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 29/02/2012
Training of Photovoltaic Installers (PVTRIN) Small-scale applications, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 30/04/2013