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Related projects

Title Sector Website End date
"Bet to win!" - the climate competition between municipalities and their citizens (ENERGY NEIGHBOURHOOD) Sustainable energy communities, Integrated Initiatives 10/04/2010
"Promoting Smart Mobility to Employees - MOBI" (MOBI) Energy-efficient transport, Transport (STEER) 07/03/2016
A System for Quality Assurance when Retrofitting existing buildings to Energy efficient buildings (SQUARE) Buildings, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 30/04/2010
ACtions in low income Households to Improve energy efficiency through Visits and Energy diagnosis (ACHIEVE) Consumer behaviour, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 20/04/2014
BAMBINI - Socialisation towards clean and energy efficient transport (BAMBINI) Energy-efficient transport, Transport (STEER) 31/05/2012
Creating liveable neighbourhoods while lowering transport energy consumption (PRO.MOTION) Energy-efficient transport, Transport (STEER) 31/10/2010
CYCLELOGISTICS Move goods by cycle (CYCLELOGISTICS) Energy-efficient transport, Transport (STEER) 21/01/2014
e-learning for training Energy Agencies in mobility management and alternative fuels (E-TREAM) Local capacity building, Transport (STEER) 31/08/2008
Energy efficiency by using daily customers Quality observations to Improve public transport (ENERQI) Energy-efficient transport, Transport (STEER) 27/05/2013
Energy Neighbourhoods2 - The Energy Challenge (EN2) Consumer behaviour, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 27/10/2013
Energy Service Communities in New Member States - Sustainable Energy Development at Local Level Energy Planning & Financing Tools (SEC-TOOLS) Integrated Initiatives 31/12/2008
Facilitating public authorities access to energy data for better implementation and monitoring of SEAP actions through effective and structured collaboration with energy data providers (DATA4ACTION) Local Energy Leadership, Integrated Initiatives 28/02/2017
From Colleague to Colleague: Energy Checks in Small and Medium Craft Enterprises (E-CHECK IN CRAFT SME) Industry, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 31/03/2007
Integration of Active Learning and Energy Monitoring with School Curriculum (ACTIVE LEARNING) Energy education, Integrated Initiatives 31/12/2008
International Cluster for Mobility Management Development and Research Dissemination (MOVE) Energy-efficient transport, Transport (STEER) 31/12/2008
ISEMOA - Improving seamless energy-efficient mobility chains for all (ISEMOA) Energy-efficient transport, Transport (STEER) 16/05/2013
Mobility Management for Business and Industrial Zones (MOMA.BIZ) Energy-efficient transport, Transport (STEER) 28/02/2013
Raising awareness on renewable energy developing agro-energetic chain models (RADAR) Sustainable energy communities, Integrated Initiatives 30/10/2009
Reduce Energy use And Change Habits (REACH) Consumer behaviour, Energy efficiency (SAVE), Consumers and Products 28/02/2017
Regional Networks for the development of a Sustainable Market for Bioenergy in Europe (BIOREGIONS) Biobusiness, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 01/05/2013
STEP-by-STEP renovation towards nearly zero energy SPORT buildings (STEP-2-SPORT) Buildings, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 28/02/2017
TRANSPORT LEARNING - Empowerment of practitioners to achieve energy savings in urban transport (TRANSPORT LEARNING) Local capacity building, Transport (STEER) 01/03/2014
TRENDY TRAVEL; Emotions for sustainable transport (TRENDY TRAVEL) Energy-efficient transport, Transport (STEER) 09/10/2010
Young Energy People (YEP!) Energy education, Integrated Initiatives 06/07/2010