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Agencija za prestrukturiranje energetike d.o.o.

Agencija za prestrukturiranje energetike d.o.o.

Related projects

Title Sector Website End date
3-fold initiative for Energy planning and sustainable development at local level (3-NITY) Sustainable energy communities, Integrated Initiatives 30/06/2008
Creating Actions among Energy Conscious Children (KIDS4FUTURE) Energy education, Integrated Initiatives 31/12/2009
Creating Renewable Energy Market-Places for Investors and Regional Actors in Rural Areas (RES MARKET-PLACES) Electricity production, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 30/09/2007
Deriving a future European Policy for Renewable Electricity (FUTURES-E) Electricity production, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 30/11/2008
Establishing Local Value Chains for RES Heat in local communities (ELVA) Heating and Cooling, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 30/06/2007
European Young Energy Manager Championship (EYEMAN CHAMPIONSHIP) Energy education, Integrated Initiatives 28/02/2011
Expanding the existing annual "Solar Day" in Austria, Switzerland and Germany to further European countries (EUROPEAN SOLAR DAY) Small-scale applications, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 30/11/2009
Extend Accredited Renewables Training for Heating (EARTH) Heating and Cooling, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 31/12/2006
Guiding a Least Cost Grid Integration of RES-Electricity in an extended Europe (GREENNET-EU27) Electricity production, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 31/12/2006
Increased deployment of firewood by improving fuel quality and low emission combustion (QUALITY WOOD) Heating and Cooling, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 30/04/2009
Integration of Active Learning and Energy Monitoring with School Curriculum (ACTIVE LEARNING) Energy education, Integrated Initiatives 31/12/2008
Leveraging the development of national biomass strategies & action plans, based on a balanced assessment approach for policy makers (BAP DRIVER) Electricity production, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 10/04/2010
Promoting Biogas in Eastern Europe - Mobilization of decision makers and training for farmers (BIG>EAST) Small-scale applications, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 01/03/2010
Promoting grid-related incentives for large-scale RES-E integration into the different European electricity systems (GREENNET-INCENTIVES) Electricity production, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 30/04/2009
PV POLICY GROUP (PV POLICY GROUP) Electricity production, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 30/04/2007
Solar energy for camping sites (SOLCAMP) Small-scale applications, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 30/04/2008
Solar Energy Use in Outdoor Swimming Pools (SOLPOOL) Small-scale applications, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 30/04/2009
Sustainable Energy Communities - Benchmarking of energy and climate performance indicators on the web (SEC-BENCH) Sustainable energy communities, Integrated Initiatives 30/04/2010
Techno-economical assessment of the production and use of biofuels for heating and cooling applications in South Europe (BIO-SOUTH) Heating and Cooling, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 28/02/2007