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European Biomass Association

Contact point: 
Mr Jean-Marc Jossart
+32 478 77 36 09
Mr Jean-Marc Jossart
+32 478 77 36 09
Jean-Marc Jossart
+32 2 400 10 29

Related projects

Title Sector Website End date
Bioenergy Greenhouse gas emissions: Align Calculations in Europe (BioGrace-II) Bioenergy, Renewable energy (ALTENER), Biofuels, Electricity production, Heating and Cooling 31/03/2015
Biomass Availability and Sustainability Information System (BASIS) Biofuels, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 31/03/2016
Cross-border markets for the European bioenergy industry (CROSSBORDERBIOENERGY) Biobusiness, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 31/05/2013
Efficient trading of biomass fuels and analysis of fuel supply chains and business models for market actors by networking (EUBIONETII) Heating and Cooling, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 31/12/2007
Enhancing the Implementation of Quality and Sustainability Standards and Certification Schemes for Solid Biofuels (SOLIDSTANDARDS) Biofuels, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 31/03/2014
European Pellet Quality Certification (PELLCERT) Biofuels, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 30/04/2014
Fair RHC Options & Trade (FROnT) Heating and Cooling, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 31/12/2016
Key Issues for Renewable Heat in Europe (K4RES-H) Heating and Cooling, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 30/06/2007
Leveraging the development of national biomass strategies & action plans, based on a balanced assessment approach for policy makers (BAP DRIVER) Electricity production, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 10/04/2010
Promoting the production and utilisation of energy crops at European level (ENCROP) Heating and Cooling, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 06/08/2010
Quality certification & accreditation for installers of small-scale renewable energy systems (QUALICERT) Small-scale applications, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 31/12/2011
Solutions for biomass fuel market barriers and raw material availability (EUBIONET III) Heating and Cooling, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 31/08/2011
Strategic Initiative for Resource Efficient Biomass Policies (BIOMASSPOLICIES) Biofuels, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 31/03/2016