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Austrian Energy Agency

Contact point: 
Thomas Bogner
+43 1 586 15 24 - 160
Leonardo Barreto Gómez, Cornelia Schenk, Maria Amtmann
Dr. Tirso Leonardo Barreto-Gómez; Mag. Cornelia Schenk, MSc; DI Maria Amtmann
+43-(0)1-5861524-127; +43-(0)1-5861524-112; +43-(0)1-5861524-193;
Georg Trnka

Related projects

Title Sector Website End date
"Energy Performance Indicator Tracking Schemes for the Continuous Optimisation of Refurbishment Processes in European Housing Stocks" (EPISCOPE) EE + RES in Buildings, Integrated Initiatives 31/03/2016
"Monitoring of energy efficiency in Europe" (ODYSSEE MURE 2012) Energy Services, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 30/09/2015
Appliance Testing for Washing Machines Energy Label and Ecodesign Evaluation (ATLETE II) Equipment and products, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 31/10/2014
BUILD UP Skills Austria (BUILD UP SKILLS AT) BUILD UP Skills, Integrated Initiatives 10/05/2013
Compliance of TVs with the energy label and ecodesign requirements (COMPLIANTV) Consumer behaviour, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 30/09/2015
Concerted Action supporting the transposition and implementation of Directive 2009/28/EC (RES Directive) (CA-RES) Concerted Action, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 13/07/2013
Concerted Action supporting the transposition and implementation of Directive 2009/28/EC on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources (RES Directive) (CA-RES II) Concerted Action, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 01/08/2016
Development of a qualification scheme for across-the-crafts training of professionals in the construction industry (BUILD UP Skills CrossCraft) BUILD UP Skills, Integrated Initiatives, EE + RES in Buildings, Energy education 30/06/2016
Energy Saving Policies and Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes (ENSPOL) Energy Services, Energy efficiency (SAVE), Financial mechanisms and incentives, Integrated Initiatives, Monitoring and evaluation 31/08/2016
EU-wide establishment of enduring national and European support networks for sustainable urban mobility (ENDURANCE) Energy-efficient transport, Transport (STEER) 30/04/2016
European Enterprises' Climate Cup (EECC) Businesses, Energy efficiency (SAVE), Consumer behaviour, Consumers and Products 25/08/2016
Incentives for Cleaner Vehicles in Urban Europe (I-CVUE) Clean Vehicles, Transport (STEER) 31/03/2017
Inspection of HVAC systems through continuous monitoring and benchmarking (ISERV) Buildings, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 05/05/2014
Maximising Topten Communication on Top Runner Products (EURO-TOPTEN-MAX) Consumer behaviour, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 31/12/2014
New media for top informed consumers regarding sustainable and energy efficient products (EFFICIENCY_2.1) Consumer behaviour, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 30/09/2015
Promoting the use of Structural Funds and Cohesion Funds for energy investments in New Member States and Candidate Countries (PROMOSCENE) Financial mechanisms and incentives, Integrated Initiatives 31/08/2009
Removing barriers to low carbon retrofit by improving access to data and insight of the benefits to key market actors (REQUEST2ACTION) Buildings, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 31/03/2017
RES Heating and Cooling - Strategic Actions Development (RES.H-C.SPREAD) Heating and Cooling, Renewable energy (ALTENER) 01/09/2016
TOGETHER on the move - Energy Efficient Transport training for immigrants (TOGETHER) Energy-efficient transport, Transport (STEER) 31/12/2014
Yearly Appliance Energy Cost Indication (YAECI) Equipment and products, Energy efficiency (SAVE) 19/03/2015
You are a Smart Consumer (USMARTCONSUMER) Consumer behaviour, Energy efficiency (SAVE), Consumers and Products 28/02/2017