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    How to use this database?

    Indicators query:

    • Select indicator(s) (Items tab in the left menu):
      • Several indicators can be selected at the same time; (right) click on indicators;
      • You can also use the search engine (at the bottom the indicators list) to find an indicator of your interest.
    • Select country(ies) (Countries tab in the left menu):
      • User can choose one or several countries; to display aggregated data for an entire European select "EU28";
      • By default, all countries are selected;
    • Select year(s) (Years tab in the left menu):
      • User can choose one or several years; By default, the last 5 years (>2000) are selected.
    • Short data sources are provided by default in the result data tables. Detailed long sources can be visualized through EU Buildings Database Indicator Definition icon. Links on data sources are available using the mouse on the short titles.
    • To display the results by indicator click on the "eye" icon, next to the indicator name.
    • To display data by country by indicator click on the "eye" icon, next to the country name.
    • Users can unselect indicators, countries and/or years by clicking on EU Buildings Database Delete icon.
    • A search engine module has been added into the database to allow users to search for information on a topic without entering the menu. In this case, users have to enter a keyword (e.g. nZEB) in the input field below the left menu; the system then lists all the indicators which contain the typed word.

    Once selected, indicators appear in a table or graph. Data can be downloadable in Excel to be used for reporting purposes. Indicators are clearly defined, by hovering the mouse over the icon EU Buildings Database Indicator Definition icon, close to the title of the indicators.

    Settings and options:

    EU Buildings Database Settings and options icons

    • Function to export results to Excel EU Buildings Database Excel Export icon:
      • Export data per indicator;
      • Export data per country.
    • Function to visualize the selection through graphs EU Buildings Database View Chart icon or tables EU Buildings Database View Table icon.
    • Options EU Buildings Database Display Options icon with the possibility to:
      • Change the number of decimals of the data displayed;
      • Change the type of graphs (bar chart, pie, line, area) - Downloadable in png/jpeg/pdf/svg vector image;
      • Display data quality (according to a 5-star system);
      • Display comments on datasets regarding the methodology of calculation for instance.