Platform for coal regions in transition – Secretariat

The platform for coal regions in transition assists EU countries and coal regions tackling the challenges related to the transition to a low carbon economy. 

It aims to support, public administrations and other relevant stakeholders by 

  • building capacity –  providing needs-oriented technical assistance and advice to coal regions in transition, focusing on three key areas of the transition process:
    • strategies and governance
    • project identification, and
    • project design and development
  • developing support materials - through delivery toolkits, guidelines and reports, covering key transition-related issues for coal regions in transition in Europe, such as: governance, environmental rehabilitation, employment, financing, clean air and technologies.
  • connecting stakeholders – through facilitating collective dialogue among regions and the wider stakeholder community, good practices and cooperation and organises high-level political events.

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Secretariat Technical Assistance to Regions in Transition (START)

The secretariat’s technical assistance to regions in transition (START) aims to leave a legacy of enhanced transition-related expertise, capabilities, and capacities in the coal regions that receive support.

Therefore, the delivery of support will follow a co-creation approach that engages recipients as active participants, contributing with their own resources alongside those provided by the secretariat in order to jointly pursue supported activities.

START addresses gaps in already existing technical assistance available to EU coal regions. It is designed to provide targeted, needs-oriented expertise and capacity building to help regions take practical steps in two main areas:

  • economic diversification
  • decarbonisation

START will notably focus on the following key moments of the transition life cycle

  • the development of transition strategies and governance arrangements
  • the identification of relevant ‘priority projects’
  • the design and development of said ‘priority projects’, including of adequate financing strategies

The assistance may have a thematic focus that addresses topics of particular relevance to clean and fair transition, such as energy system transformation and alternative technologies, environmental rehabilitation, employment and labour force measures, social cohesion and welfare, heritage and culture, mobility, etc.

Guidelines for technical assistance

Before applying for support, make sure you read the Guidelines for Technical Assistance Requests.

This document provides useful information about the objective and scope of support, who can apply and how to do it, as well as more details about the selection process.

To apply for support, fill out the application form, and send it by email at, with the subject heading “Technical assistance: submission” by 20 September 2019. The application must be completed in English.

If you require further information or support for your application, please contact the Secretariat by email at, with the subject heading “Technical assistance: query”.