CO2 networks thematic group

CO2 networks thematic group

Work on PCIs is coordinated by Regional Group, dedicated to each type of infrastructure: electricity, gas, oil, smart grids and CO2 networks. The identification and selection process for PCIs are also explained in the section: Regional Group and their role in the PCI process.

The TEN-E Regulation identifies 12 strategic trans-European energy infrastructure priorities, the implementation of which by 2020 is essential for the achievement of the Union’s energy and climate policy objectives. A key area is the development of carbon dioxide transport infrastructure between Member States and with neighbouring third countries in view of the deployment of carbon dioxide capture and storage.

A dedicated Regional Group has been established to propose and assess candidate projects of common interest in the area pf carbon dioxide transport networks, which contribute the most to achieving EU’s energy and climate policy objective by modernising the existing grid.

For the first time, the third Union list of PCIs contains four projects in the area of carbon dioxide transport networks. The projects are located around the Northern Seas region and involve Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Norway. They are especially important for energy intensive industry as a way to further reduce its carbon footprint.

More details on the CO2 networks PCI projects map can be accessed on the European Commission's transparency platform.

On 27 November 2018, the European Commission launched a call for candidate Projects of Common Interest in view of preparing the 4th Union list of PCIs in the thematic group for cross-border CO2 transport infrastructure networks. The call is open until 2 March 2019 at midnight.

CO2 networks thematic group meetings, 7 November 2018

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