EU Building Stock Observatory

The EU Building Stock Observatory (BSO) was established in 2016 and aims to provide the European Commission, policy-makers, investors, stakeholders, local and national authorities and researchers with comprehensive knowledge on Europe’s building stock.

The observatory contains a database, a data mapper and factsheets for monitoring and statistics on the energy performance of buildings across Europe. It also assesses improvements in the energy efficiency of buildings and the impact of this it has on the actual energy consumption of the buildings sector.

The BSO tracks many different aspects, for example

  • energy efficiency levels in buildings in EU countries, and the EU as a whole
  • different certification schemes and how they are implemented
  • available investments for renovating buildings
  • energy poverty levels across the EU.

The BSO web tool is currently undergoing maintenance. As a temporary solution, until the web tool functions are working again, the below documents allow access to the latest data on energy efficiency of the EU building stock.


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