Tyres sold in the EU are subject to energy labelling requirements. By switching to the most energy efficient tyres you can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 9%. At a fuel price of €1.50 per litre, this would total a saving of around €660 over the lifetime of the tyres if you cover 65,000 km.

Tyre labels


Tyre labels help consumers choose a product that is more fuel efficient, has better wet braking, and is less noisy. New tyres come with an energy label showing their energy efficiency class, ranging from efficiency class A (most efficient) to G (least efficient). On 17 May 2018, the Commission proposed to update and improve the tyre labelling regulation to give consumers more information on fuel efficiency, safety and noise when they buy tyres. This proposal now passes to the European Parliament and the Council.




While there is no specific ecodesign measure for tyres, there is type-approval legislation (i.e. Regulation 661/2009 on general safety of motor vehicles), which sets minimum requirements on tyres' fuel efficiency, wet grip, and external rolling noise.

More information is available on the DG Growth website.

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