Financing renovations

Financing renovations


Energy efficient building renovations can be expensive and owners may not have the means to finance them. Financial instruments provided by EU countries and the EU itself can help.

Country lists of financial support measures

EU countries provide a list of national measures for funding energy efficiency under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. They update these lists every three years. For countries not found below, their lists can be found in their National Energy Efficiency Action Plans.

Original lists:




Commission report on financial support

A 2013 report from the European Commission studied financial support for energy efficiency in the building sector. It found:

  • the EU must improve financial support in the sector if it is to meet its 2020 energy efficiency target
  • financial support mechanisms vary significantly across EU countries
  • barriers such as high initial costs, long payback periods and perceived credit risk hamper energy efficiency improvements in buildings
  • so far, there is limited information on the effectiveness of currently available financial support mechanisms

Financial support for energy efficiency in buildings [COM(2013)225]
Staff Working Document [SWD(2013) 143]


EEFIG Report: Financing of energy efficiency enivestments in buildings
Local investments options in energy efficiency (Final Report)
Local investment options in energy efficiency (Case Studies)
Energy efficiency investment potential for buildings

Cohesion policy technical guidance

This report aims to help Cohesion Policy Managing Authorities plan and deploy energy efficiency improvements for buildings into their Operational Programmes.

Technical Guidance "Financing the energy renovation of buildings with Cohesion Policy Funding"

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