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  1. Radiation protection seminars

    Every year, the European Commission organises a scientific seminar on a radiation protection ... Scientific Seminar November 2017 on Epigenetic effects – potential impact on radiation protection The EU ... Scientific Seminar November 2017 on Epigenetic effects – potential impact on radiation protection took place ...

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  2. Radiation Protection series publications

    The European Commission has issued publications on radiation protection since 1976. They can be ... found below with their Radiation Protection (RP) series publication number. 188: Technical ... Scientific Seminar 2014 on Fukushima – Lessons learned and issues 182: EU Scientific Seminar 2013- Radiation ...

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  3. Overview of EU radiation protection legislation

    The full texts of all EU-level provisions currently valid in radiation protection can be found ... radiation, and repealing Directives 89/618/Euratom, 90/641/Euratom, 96/29/Euratom, 97/43/Euratom and ... and workers against the dangers of ionizing radiation. (OJ L-159 of 29/06/96 page 1) 98/C133/03 ...

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  4. Verifications of radiation monitoring in EU countries

    radioactivity monitoring in the event of a radiation emergency. Verification targets are selected according to ... radiation event arousing public interest, the Commission can carry out a verification visit at short notice. ...

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  5. Publications on medical exposure

    guidelines on risk management in external beam radiotherapy – Technical supplement RP-180 Medical Radiation ... Appendices RP-175   Guidelines on Radiation Protection Education and Training of Medical Professionals in the ... Emerging evidence for radiation induced circulatory diseases RP-154   European Guidance on Estimating ...

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  6. Group of experts

    A group of independent radiation protection and public health experts is attached to the European ... updates the Basic Safety Standards Directive – safety rules for radiation in applications such as medicine ... arising from ionising radiation Draft Euratom Basic Safety Standards Directive November 2009 Opinion on ...

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  7. November 2015: Commission requests France to fully transpose the Radioactive Waste Directive

    the dangers arising from ionising radiation. Moreover, it requires the provision of necessary public ...

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  8. Publications on the release of radioactive effluents

    on the realistic assessment of radiation doses to members of the public due to the operation of ...

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