Renewable energy transparency platform

Renewable energy transparency platform

Created under Article 24 of the Renewable Energy Directive, the 'transparency platform' allows public access to a range of documents related to EU renewable energy rules. It is also intended to facilitate cooperation between EU countries on renewable energy. These documents include EU countries national renewable energy action plans, national renewable energy forecasts, Commission assessments of excess energy production and estimated import demand, and other national and Commission documents relating to renewable energy.


National renewable energy action plans

National renewable energy progress reports

National renewable energy forecast documents, complemented as soon as possible with the Commission’s summary of excess production and estimated import demand

National reports on greenhouse gas emissions from biofuels

Voluntary schemes on biofuel sustainability recognised by the Commission

Commission report on the feasibility of biofuel sites with low greenhouse gas emissions in non-EU countries

Commission report on a sustainability scheme for biomass used as fuel in electricity, heating and cooling