Publications on medical exposure

Publications on medical exposure

RP-185 European Guidelines on Diagnostic Reference Levels for Paediatric Imaging

RP -181 General guidelines on risk management in external beam radiotherapy Technical supplement

RP -180 Medical Radiation Exposure of the European Population  (Part 1 ) - Diagnostic Reference Levels in Thirty-six European Countries (Part 2)

RP-178   Referral Guidelines for Medical Imaging - Availability and Use in the European Union - Appendices

RP-175   Guidelines on Radiation Protection Education and Training of Medical Professionals in the European Union

RP-174   European Guidelines on Medical Physics Expert - Annex 1   - Annex 2 - Corrrigendum

RP-172   Cone beam CT for dental and maxillofacial radiology - Evidence based guidelines

RP-162   Criteria for Acceptability of Medical Radiological Equipment used in Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy

RP-159   European Commission Guidelines on Clinical Audit

RP-158   EU Scientific Seminar 2008 - Emerging evidence for radiation induced circulatory diseases

RP-154   European Guidance on Estimating Population Doses from Medical X-Ray Procedures and annexes

RP-149   EU Scientific Seminar 2003, Medical Overexposures

RP-136   European Guidelines on Radiation Protection in Dental Radiology

RP-131   Effects of in utero exposure to ionising radiation during the early phases of pregnancy

RP-130   Medico-legal exposures, exposures with ionising radiation without medical indication Proceedings of the International Symposium, Dublin, 4-6 September 2002

RP-119   Multimedia and Audio-visual Radiation Protection Training in Interventional Radiology

RP-116   Guidelines on education and training in radiation protection for medical exposures (in the process of update)

RP-109   Guidance on diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) for medical exposures .

RP-102   Proceedings of the workshop "Implementation of the Medical Exposure Directive (97/43/EURATOM)" - Madrid on 27 April 1998

RP-100   Guidance for protection of unborn children and infants irradiated due to parental medical exposures

RP-99     Guidance on medical exposures in medical and biomedical research

RP-97     Radiation Protection following Iodine-131 therapy (exposures due to out-patients or discharged in-patients)

RP-91     Criteria for acceptability of radiological (including radiotherapy) and nuclear medicine installations Luxembourg 1997 (to be replaced by RP 162)