Today at EUSEW: renewables, smart cities, and the Sparkshow

Today at EUSEW: renewables, smart cities, and the Sparkshow

21 June 2017

The EUSEW Policy Conference continues today with more than 25 panel sessions on European energy policy and sustainable solutions. Topics to be discussed include plans for the governance of the Energy Union and training for workers to ensure they have the skills to serve the sustainable energy systems of the future. Speakers come from the private sector, academia, European institutions, NGOs and consumer associations. You can follow the day's events via Twitter and Facebook.

Amongst the events on today's programme is a discussion of local energy communities organised by the Covenant of Mayors, a global initiative by local and regional authorities fighting against climate change. The Sparkshow will also take place. This interactive discussion will put eight sustainable energy entrepreneurs from all over Europe in the spotlight. They will each have three minutes to pitch their projects and then be quizzed by a panel of five journalists. Their projects are:

  • BETTAIR-LAMP: lamps and other products with anti-pollutant and antibacterial properties
  • Coolar: an electricity-free entirely water-based solar heat powered refrigerator to cool medicines and vaccines
  • Elemize Technologies: optimizing the behaviour of distributed electricity storage systems coupled with renewable energy plants
  • EP tender: a small trailer that enables electric vehicles to cover longer distances independently
  • GoodShipping Program: helping ocean cargo owners to reduce the carbon footprint from ship operations by adding renewables to the fuel mix
  • LIFE "Smart Fertirrigation": an innovative approach to processing digestate from pig manure at biogas plants
  • Opinum: a secure web platform to analyse your energy consumption data
  • SolarBrush by Aerial Power: a fully automated drone-based method for cleaning solar panels.

You can also follow the Sparkshow on Twitter.

Between sessions at the conference, attendees will also be able to meet informally and learn about new developments in sustainable energy in the EUSEW Networking Village.

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