New Expert Group on electricity interconnection targets: call for applications deadline extended

15 April 2016

The European Commission has set up a new Expert Group to provide the Commission with technical advice on how to break down the 15% electricity interconnection target by 2030 into regional, country and/or border interconnection targets– and the call to apply to join this group is now open.

The Group will be made up of members with an excellent knowledge of the European energy market in particular on electricity. Members will be selected from European industry organisations, academic and research organisations, NGOs, international organisations and individuals.

Well interconnected electricity infrastructure is a key condition for a fully integrated, competitive and sustainable internal market for electricity in the EU. To reach the EU’s ambitious energy and climate targets by 2030, investments in energy grid infrastructure must be stepped up significantly.

The Commission has already set a 10% electricity interconnection target for 2020 but has proposed to extend this to 15% by 2030. The targets will be reached through the implementation of Projects of Common Interest.

Deadline extended until 24 April midnight CET.

Apply to join the Expert Group

Commission Decision on the Expert Group

Friday, 15 April 2016