Focus on Slovakia: the Energy Union tour

Focus on Slovakia: the Energy Union tour

Monday, 20 March 2017

European Commission Vice-President for Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič is today visiting Slovakia as part of his Energy Union tour, to discuss the benefits of the EU's plan to help provide Europe with secure, affordable and climate-friendly energy.

By 2020 the EU as a whole has committed to cutting its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20% (compared with 1990 levels). So far, it has reduced them by an average of 22% between 1990 and 2015, while the EU economy grew by 50% for the same period. In Slovakia greenhouse gas emissions have decreased by 45% since 1990 - an important factor in this is the structural changes the Slovak economy has been through since the early 1990s. 13% of Slovakia's final energy consumption in 2015 came from renewable sources. Slovakia also uses more nuclear energy than the rest of the EU (24% of its energy comes from nuclear sources, while the average for the EU as a whole is 14%), but it uses less energy from petroleum and petroleum-derived products (20%, compared with the 34% EU average). It has become less dependent on energy imports in the last ten years, although it imports all its natural gas and crude oil from Russia.

During his visit, which is the second full leg of the 2017 Energy Union Tour, Vice-President Šefčovič will participate in the High Level Group on connected and autonomously driving cars at the Slovak Business Agency. Organised by Slovakia's Deputy Prime Minister for Investments and Informatisation Peter Pellegrini, the forum brings together policy stakeholders, automotive and telecommunication industry representatives and academics around the topic of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Afterwards, Vice-President Šefčovič, in a joint meeting with the Slovak Minister of Economy Peter Žiga and with the Slovak Minister of the Environment László Solymos, will focus on Slovakia's implementation of the 2030 energy and climate framework, the Energy Union governance (including the preparation of the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plans), and the Clean Energy for All Europeans package.

Tomorrow at the economic HNClub discussion forum, together with Slovakia's Deputy Prime Minister Pellegrini and Mayor of Bratislava Ivo Nesrovnal, and in the presence of Members of the Slovak Parliament, the Vice-President will participate in a Citizens' dialogue to discuss several topics in relation to Energy Union and Slovakia, including the opportunities offered by the Investment Plan, Smart Cities and the importance of innovation to energy and transport sectors. The Citizens' dialogue will be livestreamed: you can follow it here.

"The future belongs to those who innovate. Slovakia as an EU Member State with an important car industry plays an important role in fostering new mobility patterns and in promoting low-emission and zero-emission vehicles", said Vice-President Šefčovič ahead of the visit to Slovakia.

During the 2017 Energy Union Tour, the Vice-President has already visited the Netherlands and Spain. Upcoming dates and more information on the 2017 Energy Union tour are available here.

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