Europe's renewable energy success on show at COP21

Europe's renewable energy success on show at COP21

Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Today, renewables power over 27% of the EU's electricity production and account for over 15% of the overall energy share. Just ten years ago few would have predicted the incredible growth of the renewables sector in Europe, but how did it get there? And will it continue to keep ahead of the pack when it comes to the sustainable transition of our energy system?

DG Energy's freshly published brochure on renewables shows how bold policies agreed to by EU countries have made this growth happen. From the EU-wide legally binding target for a 20% share of renewables by 2020 to at least a 27% share by 2030, EU policies have set the foundations for a strong, world-leading sector.

The 'European Union leading in renewables' brochure also shows how renewables have helped break the link between economic growth and rises in greenhouse gas emissions, how EU policies have inspired governments across the world to make their own sustainable energy policies and how renewables are leading Europe's sustainable energy transition today. Renewables are at the heart of Europe's plans for Energy Union. From empowering energy consumers to creating thousands of jobs, this brochure details how.

DG Energy hopes that readers will be inspired by Europe's example and that the renewable energy transition will become a worldwide reality.

European Union leading in renewables

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