Europe on the Move: Commission launches new mobility package

Europe on the Move: Commission launches new mobility package

Today the European Commission has unveiled a package of proposals designed to modernise European mobility and transport. The aim is to help the sector to remain competitive in a socially fair transition towards clean energy and digitalisation. 'Europe on the Move' is a wide-ranging set of initiatives that will make traffic safer; encourage fairer road charging; reduce CO2 emissions, air pollution and congestion; cut red-tape for businesses; fight illicit employment and ensure proper conditions and rest times for workers. The long-term benefits of these measures will extend far beyond the transport sector by promoting jobs, growth and investment, strengthening social fairness, widening consumers' choices and firmly putting Europe on the path towards low emissions.

A number of the proposals have direct or indirect implications for the energy sector, and complement existing initiatives that, for example, promote increased use of low carbon, including renewables-based, fuels and improve energy efficiency. Most obviously, this package seeks to encourage cleaner transport, thereby contributing to the EU's efforts to meet its Paris Agreement commitments. In more specific terms, there are incentives for cleaner fuels, with further initiatives to follow relating to emissions standards for cars and vans, as well as for heavy goods vehicles. An additional strong emphasis is put on e-mobility and the deployment of electric vehicles, complementing the Commission's earlier initiative in the 'Clean Energy for All Europeans' package to facilitate charging points for electric vehicles via the updated Energy Performance in Buildings Directive. It is also the last major input for completing the Energy Union, the EU's plan to help provide Europe with secure, affordable and climate-friendly energy.

More information is available on the package's initiatives for encouraging clean and sustainable mobility , harnessing automation , socially fair and competitive transport networks .


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