EU energy efficiency measures to save households €45 a year

EU energy efficiency measures to save households €45 a year

Wednesday, 07 January 2015

From 2015 new energy efficiency measures will help Europeans save €45 per household and the amount of energy consumed by 11 million homes per year in electricity.

The new measures covering cooking appliances, coffee-making and networked devices such as printers, entered into force on 1 January 2015. In addition, energy labels will now also allow consumers to check the energy efficiency of products sold online.

The new measures

Energy labels for cooking appliances: New domestic gas ovens and range hoods will be required to have energy efficiency labels. Energy efficient ovens (class A+) typically save €180 over the lifetime of the oven compared to a class D oven.

Automatic standby for coffee machines: New coffee machines will have to offer a function that switches the machine into a low power standby/off-mode after a specified period of time, depending on the type of machine. The new rules will save around €45 over the lifetime of the product.

Automatic standby for networked devices: New networked equipment such as modems, receivers/decoders, connected televisions and printers, will have to offer a function that switches the equipment into a low power standby mode if no main task is performed. The rules are expected to save around €40 per household per year, without affecting the quality of the device’s performance.

Energy labels for online sales: Retailers will be required to show energy labels when selling products online. Up until now, retailers only displayed the energy efficiency class of a product online, such as 'energy class A', but not the other classes on the label (e.g. A+, A++, B or C) making it difficult for consumers to compare products.  

All together, these new measures save each European household €45 per year. Overall, consumers with energy efficient products alone in their homes could be saving €465 annually per household by 2020.

The new measures are also expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 15 million tonnes per year – the equivalent to the amount emitted by Bucharest each year. In all, the EU’s ecodesign and energy labelling measures are estimated to save around 166 million tonnes of oil equivalent in primary energy – equivalent to the annual energy consumption of Italy.

The savings generated by these measures alone - 41 TWh - will reduce the import of energy into the EU by the equivalent of 65 million barrels of oil each year - more than Austria's annual net crude oil imports.

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