EU Energy Day on fusion energy: from science fiction to science fact

EU Energy Day on fusion energy: from science fiction to science fact

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Fusion energy – which is produced by fusing together light atoms, such as hydrogen, at extremely high temperatures and pressures – was the subject of an international conference in Astana, Kazakhstan on 25 July 2017. The European Fusion Forum brought together academic researchers and representatives of governments and the European Commission to discuss developments in fusion as a potential source of sustainable energy. This EU Energy Day event was happening as part of EXPO 2017, a global conference on the energy of the future.

On the agenda was the ITER project, an international effort with contributions from several EU countries and EURATOM to build a facility for testing the possibility of generating sustainable energy from fusion. Participants also discussed scientific research currently being carried out in several different countries as well as the EUROfusion programme, a European consortium that is working to make fusion energy a reality. EUROfusion follows the European 'Roadmap to fusion electricity' published in 2012, which presents the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in developing fusion as a potential source of abundant, clean and low carbon energy.

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