EU Energy Day focuses on clean energy ideas for buildings and cities

EU Energy Day focuses on clean energy ideas for buildings and cities

24 July 2017

The EU Energy Day taking place on 24 July in Astana, Kazakhstan is a chance to share ideas about constructing buildings and cities that are energy efficient and make maximum use of renewable energy. Representatives from governments, the European Commission, the energy industry, international financial institutions and NGOs will discuss the latest developments in clean energy technologies and funding sources. The opportunities and challenges of cooperating at a global level will also be an important theme. The Energy Day is held at EXPO 2017, the international specialised exhibition on 'Future Energy' hosted by Kazakhstan from June to September 2017. It can be followed by webstream.

After an opening session led by representatives of the Commission and the Kazakh government, the day will consist of three panel discussions. They will cover topics such as energy efficient appliances and construction methods, heating and cooling technologies powered by renewable energy, and the prospect of building nearly-zero energy buildings and cities that use 100% renewable energy. Speakers will also show how 3D printing and visualisation can be used to design and create clean energy buildings and cities.

The event will be followed by another EU Energy Day on 25 July, the European Fusion Forum. It is an opportunity for academic researchers from all over the world and representatives of national governments and the European Commission to discuss the latest developments in fusion energy.

You can watch highlights from the event here.

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