EESC Energy Dialogue focuses on the Energy Union

EESC Energy Dialogue focuses on the Energy Union

Thursday, 07 September 2017

A conference on 7 September 2017 in Brussels debated the Energy Union strategy, the EU's plan to ensure that European citizens have access to secure, affordable and climate-friendly energy. It brought together representatives of the EU institutions, energy experts, and members of civil society groups to discuss the Energy Union's progress and the role that citizens can play in it. A keynote speech was given by Dominique Ristori, the European Commission's Director-General for Energy. The event was hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee, which provides a forum for civil society organisations in EU countries to have their views represented at European level.

The conference panels considered the state of the Energy Union in general and also focused on specific issues. These included the Energy Union's governance (the rules EU countries and the Commission follow to ensure its goals are reached), and how to finance the clean energy transition and empower consumers to take a full role in it. The panellists also answered questions received beforehand from citizens and civil society organisations across Europe.

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