New Governance to deliver on objectives of the Energy Union

New Governance to deliver on objectives of the Energy Union

On 30 November 2016 the European Commission presented a legislative proposal for a reliable and transparent Governance of the Energy Union to help the EU meets its climate and energy policy goals until 2030 and beyond.  The proposed Regulation was developed together with initiatives on renewable energy, energy efficiency and the design of the electricity market. It will ensure policy coherence, investment certainty, improved coordination between Member States and reduced administrative burden.  The proposal also builds on and integrates existing requirements for planning, reporting and monitoring in the energy and climate fields. Together with the other initiatives of the Clean Energy for all Europeans package, this will ensure EU households and businesses have access to secure, sustainable, competitive and affordable energy.

The proposed legislation will be particularly important for achieving the EU's 2030 targets for renewable energy, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reductions.  It sets out the requirements for integrated national energy and climate plans and a streamlined and inclusive process to establish them. Stable national energy and climate plans up to 2030 will provide regulatory stability for investment certainty and transparency on national efforts.

Sufficiently ambitious and coherent national plans, Commission recommendations and additional measures at EU and national level as necessary will help to ensure that the objectives of the Energy Union are met.

By reducing and integrating a number of existing planning, reporting and monitoring obligations, the proposal will significantly reduce the administrative burden for Member States, the European Commission and other EU institutions. At the same time, Member States will have significant flexibility to take account of specific national circumstances and preferences.

The European Commission has already presented proposals to deliver emission reductions in large industrial installations and power-plants as well as in other key sectors such as transport, buildings, agriculture and waste. It has also presented a proposal to bring the land use and forestry sector in to the EU's emission reduction efforts. Together with these proposals, the Governance Regulation will ensure that the commitments of the European Union and its Member States under the Paris Agreement on climate change are achieved, in addition to meeting the broader objectives of the Energy Union.

Proposal for a regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union [COM(2016)759]

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