Data & analysis

Data & analysis

The aim of the Energy Union is to ensure that European consumers have secure, affordable and clean energy.

Annual EU energy statistics pocketbook and information on energy markets in EU countries including national energy profiles.

Possible energy market scenarios for 2030 and 2050 based on current trends and policies.

Analyses on energy prices and costs, and quarterly reports on European gas and electricity markets.

The Oil Bulletin provides weekly prices for petroleum products in the EU.

The European Commission provides statistics on EU crude oil imports and crude oil supply costs

The European Commission provides a wide range of analysis and statistics on the energy market including oil, coal, gas and electricity, data on energy imports and exports, and energy trends up and beyond 2050. These actions support EU policy making on energy. In addition, various energy statistics are produced, such as: energy performance in buildings, energy production, consumption, taxation and prices in the EU and abroad, ecomomic and environmental data. For data and analysis DG Energy relies on the Market Observatory for Energy which maintains and operates the Energy market observation system (EMOS).