Ventilation units

Ventilation units

Ventilation units should come with an energy label indicating its energy efficiency on a scale from A+ (most efficient) to G (least efficient), starting in 2016.

The relevant Regulation (EU) No 1254/2014 can be found here.

There are two different labels: one for unidirectional ventilation units and one for bidirectional ventilation units. Each label will provide such important information as: the company that made or placed the ventilation unit on the market, the model, how energy efficient the ventilation unit is, the sound power level, etc.

To fill these fields in, simply click on the relevant energy label below.

To use the energy label on a product, please print with a minimum dimension of 75 mm x 150 mm.

When on the Internet, be sure to use an energy label size allowing clear visibility and legibility. Templates for nested display arrows for Internet energy labels can be found here.

Ventilation units

Label for unidirectional ventilation unit (UVU)Energy label for unidirectional ventilation unit (UVU)
Label for bidirectional ventilation unit (BVU)Energy label for bidirectional ventilation unit (BVU)