Tyres should come with an energy label indicating the fuel efficiency class (ranging from most efficient class A to least efficient class G), the wet grip class and the external rolling noise class. Labels are mandatory for car tyres (C1) and van tyres (C2).

The relevant Regulation (EC) No 1222/2009 can be found here
(a consolidated version which includes the two related amendments).

Each label will provide such important information as: how fuel efficient the tyre is, how well the tyres perform in wet conditions on a scale from A (safest) to G (worst performing tyre) and how important the tyre’s noise level is, measured in decibels (dB).

To fill these fields in, simply click on the energy label below.

To use the energy label on a tyre, please print with a minimum dimension of 75 mm x 110 mm.

Please note that the label must be accompanied by a brand space with the following information: the tyre's trade mark, line, dimension, load index, speed rating and other technical specifications. This information can be provided in any colour, format and design, provided that this does not detract from or disrupt the message on the label. These two parts (label and brand space) form the sticker, for which the total surface shall not exceed 250 cm2 and its total height shall not exceed 220 mm.

The tyre suppliers have the choice of either putting a sticker on the tyre tread or a label for each batch of one or more identical tyres.

Energy labels for tyres

Tyres energy label Energy label for tyres