Tumble Driers

Household tumble driers should come with an energy label indicating their energy efficiency on a scale from A+++ (most efficient) to D (least efficient).

The relevant Regulation (EU) 392/2012 can be found here

There are 3 labels depending on the tumble drier's type or the energy source used:

1. a label for air-vented household tumble drier

2. a label for condenser tumble driers

3. a label for gas-fired tumble driers

Each label will provide such important information as: the company that made or placed the tumble drier on the market, the model, its energy efficiency class, the average annual energy consumption in kWh, the cycle time, the capacity in kg for a standard cotton programme full load and the sound power level. In the case of a condenser tumble drier, it includes as well the condensation efficiency class (from A to G). In addition, a pictogram shows if it is an electric or a gas-fired tumble drier (based on the correct selection of a label within the three possibilities).

To fill these fields in, simply click on the energy label below.

To use the energy label on a product, please print with a minimum dimension of 110 mm x 220 mm. The label should be affix on the outside of the front or top of the household dishwasher, in such a way as to be clearly visible.

When on the Internet, be sure to use an energy label size allowing clear visibility and legibility. Templates for nested display arrows for Internet energy labels can be found here

Energy Labels For Tumble Driers

Air vented tumble driers energy label Energy label for air vented tumble driers
Condenser tumble driers energy label Energy label for condenser tumble driers
Gas-fired tumble driers energy label Energy label for gas-fired tumble driers