Market analysis

Gas and electricity market reports

The European Commission publishes quarterly reports on European gas and electricity markets.  The reports analyse the main factors behind price and volume evolutions on the market and they analyse gas and electricity market interactions between countries. Every two years, the Commission also produces reports on energy prices and costs in Europe.

Gas market reports

Electricity market reports *

2021 Q2

2021 Q1

2021 Q2

2021 Q1

* Explanation on calculating volatility in electricity markets

Older reports (2008 - 2020)

Gas market reports
Electricity market reports
2020 2020
2019 2019
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The Commission also publishes a report on developments in energy prices over the last 12 months covering petroleum, crude oil, coal, carbon, electricity and gas. A separate report is available on the history of dated brent crude oil prices since 2007.

Market Observatory for energy and EMOS

For data and analysis DG Energy relies on the Market Observatory for Energy which maintains and operates the Energy market observation system (EMOS).


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