Setting the 3% target for public building renovation

While the EPBD sets minimum energy performance requirements for all buildings that undergo major renovation, Article 5 of the EED sets a binding renovation target for public buildings and imposes related obligations. It also stresses that governments shall undertake an exemplary role in the energy retrofit of their countries' building stock. Article 5 of the EED stipulates that all MSs shall ensure, as of January 1, 2014, that the 3% of the total floor area of heated and/or cooled buildings owned and occupied by its central government is renovated each year to meet at least the minimum energy performance requirements.

Again, renovation monitoring is poor and for the moment there is no data to assess if the 3% has been reached. However, some studies reveal that the current average building energy renovation rate in the EU for non residential is below 1%. The objective of the EED Article 5 (and the closely related articles 4 and 6) is to boost energy refurbishment in the central government sector, this way showcasing deep renovation of public buildings and inspiring the sub-national government level. Therefore, Article 5 is seen by NGOs and construction sector organisations advocating energy refurbishment and increased energy performance of the European building stock, as a great opportunity to kick-start the deep energy retrofit market.

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