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JIM: Joint Memoranda on Social Inclusion

Prior to accession, all countries are expected to prepare, with the European Commission, a Joint Inclusion Memorandum, with the purpose of preparing the country for full participation in the open method of coordination on social inclusion upon accession. The JIM outlines the principal challenges in relation to tackling poverty and social exclusion, presents the major policy measures taken in the light of the agreement to start translating the EU's common objectives into national policies and identifies the key policy issues for monitoring and revue. The JIM will provide a sound basis for the new Member States to prepare their first NAP/inclusion in 2004 after accession. The JIMs for the 10 countries joining the Union in 2004 were formally signed by the Commission and the national authorities on 18th December 2003. Work on the JIM for Bulgaria and Romania is currently underway and will be completed during 2004.

Documents: Text of the Joint Inclusion Memoranda available in PDF :

Cyprusen (pdf | 470 Kb)
Czech Republicen (pdf | 430 Kb)
Estoniaen (pdf | 320 Kb)
Hungaryen (pdf | 570 Kb)
Lithuaniaen (pdf | 450 Kb)
Latviaen (pdf | 470 Kb)
Maltaen (pdf | 350 Kb)
Polanden (pdf | 460 Kb)
Sloveniaen (pdf | 340 Kb)
Slovakiaen (pdf | 400 Kb)

Social Inclusion in the New Member States (an analysis of JIM)

This Commission Staff Working Paper is a synthesis of the Joint Memoranda on Social Inclusion (JIM) which were signed jointly in December 2003 by the Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs and the Ministers responsible for Social Affairs of the new Member States. The report examines the main challenges the new Member States face in order to combat poverty and social exclusion and to promote greater social cohesion. It has three aims: first, to provide a basis for promoting exchange and learning between all 25 Member States; secondly, to assist the new Member States in the further development of their social inclusion policies and the preparation of their first National Action Plan on poverty and social exclusion; and, thirdly, to highlight issues that need to be taken more into account in the further development of the EU social inclusion policy.

Commission Staff Working Paper : SEC (2004) 848 (pdf format)


last update: 02/07/2004