Ambassadors of the European Year

Namu Nambiar

Namu Nambiar


Som det redan framkommit ovan, så missbrukade jag förut och nu jobbar jag med att driva Basta både för min egen och andras skull. Är lärare i YES-utbildningen som Basta driver. På fritiden är jag engagerad i Rotary, Röda korset och med mitt stora hästintresse.

Namu Nambiar, head of Basta Cooperative, has, after 17 years of heroin addiction created a life that she is enormously proud and happy about. She has been able to do this thanks to the support she received from Basta.

She is Chairwoman for Basta and a teacher in vocational training and self-empowerment support for adults and young people so they can be integrated into the labour market .

Basta’s aim is to give people that want to leave a life of abuse and exclusion a possibility to create a better life for themselves through empowerment. Basta helps people that feel they stand outside society to come back in.

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