Ambassadors of the European Year

Rainer Friman

Rainer Friman


I have acted for better society for 30 years. As an artist my goal has been to promote human rights and pay attention to the underprivileged in political decision-making. I have written hundreds of articles and columns on behalf of poor and socially excluded. I want to show what kind of problems inequality causes. This is best done through media. In 2009, I received the Peitsi prize awarded by The Centre Party’s journalist society. The prize is awarded for contributions for journalism. It was stated that I have acted “as an uncompromised voice for the underprivileged.”

I am also a well-known as a singer. I have made several hits and won the Syksyn Sävel song contest two times, on 1990 and 1992.

Aim for the EY 2010

I want to promote the social involvement of young people in society. We have to do all we can to eliminate the unemployment of the young.
Also, I want to improve the condition of those who suffer of mental diseases. They are the only group of people in our country for whom legislation does not guarantee treatment in a short time, as it is with other diseases.
Europe and whole world suffer of poverty. I see the problem as a combat between different values. I believe that through political decision-making we can con-cretely improve the possibilities to live a better life.

I became an ambassador because I feel the need to help.