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Beskrivning av projektet

AimVion (AV) develops biomimetic drugs for treatment of autoimmune diseases. Inspired by a human gene with a key role in inflammatory responses control.

AimVion is a biotech company with focus on autoimmunity and immune therapy. Its lead product is a new anti-inflammatory drug candidate designed based on discovery of a new function for a human gene by the founders. In a series of animal studies, the compound has been shown to be an effective treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, reducing symptoms by 95%, and being superior to current drugs on the market. AimVion expects to complete phase I clinical studies within the next 1.5 years.

Shervin Bahrami


Dr. Bahrami received his PhD. In molecular biology in 2004 and his MBA in 2018, both from university of Aarhus, Denmark. He has extensive experience in research and development management from the biotechnology industry and broad scientific and research experience with different areas in molecular biology, immunology and virology including peptide and protein engineering. He is the founder and CEO of AimVion.

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Land, Region

Danmark [Midtjylland]


januari 2016

Beräknad projektkostnad

4 miljoner euro


Forskning, utveckling och innovation







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Ekonomisk bäring/Affärsmodell

AimVion’s business strategy is to find one or more pharma partners willing to license our compounds once clinical safety and efficacy is proven for certain diseases, and thereafter take it from late-stage clinical trials (Phase IIb onwards) to global sales.

Revenues will be generated from licensing of the products to the pharmaceutical industry. This typically involves signing fees and milestone payments followed by royalties of net sales. Total value of similar products are in hundreds of millions of dollars.

Our competitive advantage is our superior technology. Our product has been shown to be superior to existing drugs in head-to-head comparison in FDA approved animal models. Furthermore its production cost pr. dose will be approximately 10-50 times lower than existing state of the art drugs, because of its simpler chemical nature.

We follow an advanced biotech/pharma business model, in which technology is transferred several time, before products reach the market. We plan to develop our product until phase II clinical validation followed by partnering with pharmaceutical companies, who will take over the final stage of the development and the marketing of the drug.

Beskrivning av finansieringen

Projektfinansiering säkrad: 2 miljoner euro (50 %)

Finansieringskällor: Privat

The total financing of about € 2M is based on mix of private and angel investments. There is no debt. As well there is no institutional or VC financing.

The primary research has been financed through university grants for about € 2.5M during 7 years prior to founding the company, from 2008 to 2015. However the university has no claim of ownership for the patents.

Projektsamordnaren har fått eller sökt finansiering från EU eller EIB för det här projektet.

Aktuella/potentiella flaskhalsar/risker för projektets genomförande

We foresee two possible bottlenecks: Insufficient access to capital and unforeseen complications with technology development. Drug development can be capital intensive and steady funding is essential for a fast and smooth product development. On the other side, developing a cutting edge drug technology can face challenges, which need to be addressed. We have however a solid plan to overcome both of these potential risks and manage the related challenges.

Ytterligare upplysningar om projektet

AimVion holds two patent families in US, Europe, China, Japan and Canada covering its compounds, compositions, and medical use with priority dates 2015 and 2016. Located in Denmark, one of major biotech clusters in Europe, AimVion has access to cutting edge knowledge and expertise, and is fortunate to have a highly skilled team of scientists. The company’s CSO holds associate professorship, and has background from Cold Spring Harbor Labs, a highly respected institution within molecular biology, and the Aarhus University. She is a strong asset for the company with numerous publications in the field. AimVion collaborates with multiple organizations to address urgent needs in current treatments of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

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