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Opis projekta

Information center for circular economy based waste management solutions. The purpose is to showcase good technical solutions for anaerobic digestion, composting and similar technologies.

Our ambition is to promote tangible projects by creating opportunities for manufacturers and entrepreneurs to meet politicians and concerned public.
We will also, on location, educate waste management workers. This will partly occur in the Higher Vocational Education format and partly in the form of public courses. We will also be offering field trips to schools that wants to visit our site.

Anna Vestling


Nitoves AB performs assignments in VA and biogas production. The assignments include investigations, permit applications, reports and process optimizations. Nitoves also carry out training for professionals in the biogas industry and are responsible for a secretariat jointly established by Avfall Sverige and Svenskt Vatten for a voluntary commitment to measure and remedy methane emissions.
In 2005, Anna was involved in developing a certification system (Revaq) for municipal treatment plants. The certification system involves structured and systematic upstream work to reduce the flow of hazardous substances to the treatment plant and strict requirements for spreading sludge on arable land . Anna has been hired since 2011 as responsible for the Revaq secretariat of Svenskt Vatten, owner of the certification system. Anna has also been the project manager for the development of the certification system SPCR 178 for the return of source-sorted sewage to arable land.


Država, regija

Švedska [Östergötlands län]

Datum začetka

Januar 2021

Ocenjeni stroški projekta

EUR 5.4 mio


Človeški kapital, izobraževanje in usposabljanje

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Ekonomska upravičenost/Poslovni model

In this new venture, Nitoves AB focus is on sustainable circular management of wastewater fractions and biogas production. We will use our knowledge and our network of customers and partners to create a trustworthy channel for industry meetings. Employers in the form of facility owners meet employees in the form of Polytechnic/ Higher Vocational Education students, clients in the form of operations managers meet manufacturers and contractors.
The center will contain a functioning full-scale facility for handling dewatered sludge from sewage treatment plants. There is a great need for facilities for that purpose. Receiving and treating sludge will generate revenue for the day-to-day operation of the center.
Many of the exhibitors will pay fees for their participation and course fees from participants also provide income. The state authorities finances the polytechnic activities through payments in relation to the number of students studying at the center.
Study visits from primary school classes do not generate income for the center.
The operation will lead to personnel costs for trainers and for administration as well as operating costs for premises and mechanical equipment.

Podrobnosti o financiranju

Financiranje projekta zagotovljeno,: EUR 0 mio (0 %)

The investment opportunity is not, in the short term, economically viable without external funding. With external funding the proposed project will be possible to achieve in a relative short timeframe. Without funding, the center will have to be funded by the participant exhibitors and with equity from the promotor of the idea; Nitoves AB. This will lead to a significantly longer timeframe for full application of the project.

Obstoječa oz. možna ozka grla pri izvedbi projekta/Možna tveganja

Handling of waste in a good manner is self-evident in a resilient society, but many of the practices used is viewed hesitantly by the public and politicians. This leads to a fear of dealing with the issue that can be a risk as it might lead to reluctance from external decisionmakers to make crucial decisions. External funding might give this venture higher status and thereby be a key to speeding up processes needed for its realization.

Dodatne informacije o projektu

Nitoves AB have for several years been working closely with manufacturers of drumcomposting units, small AD-plants and small sewage treatmentplants. We also have experience in the field of irrigation with wastewater and urine sorting for nutrient recovery. We have been involved in developing certification systems for sewage sludge. We have collaborated closely with municipal WWTP in their effort to reduce pollutants in sludge to safe levels. We are thus in a unique position in the organic waste community. In this new venture our extensive network will be useful. We would like our center to be the European hub for sharing of green solutions regarding production of organic fertilizer from wastewater and other organic residues.

Objava: 04/02/2021 | Zadnja posodobitev: 04/02/2021

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