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Opis projekta

Automated system of certification of the Water Footprint and the fertilizers pollution with real measurement using our IoT device. It allows the producer to improve his sustainability.

Through our device we are able to measure in a real way the water footprint and the pollution by fertilizers in Berries and Vegetable crops (MVP), certify the practice of the farmer with respect to the irrigation of his production, the use of water and the pollution by fertilizers.
In addition, we use blockchain technology so that the data cannot be manipulated and the sustainability of production can be certified to the various stakeholders, including government authorities.

José Manuel Avelino Ríos



Država, regija

Španija [Andalucía]

Poljska [Mazowieckie]

Nemčija [BAYERN]


Datum začetka

Maj 2020

Ocenjeni stroški projekta

EUR 1.5 mio


Gospodarna raba virov in varstvo okolja, vključno z modrim gospodarstvom

Industrija za MSP/podjetja s srednjo tržno kapitalizacijo

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Finančna predstavitev

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Ekonomska upravičenost/Poslovni model

Platform and IoT subscription model with a ticket adapted to the producers 20% less than the present one in the market offering a unique value.
Our technology only needs one element per crop plot and is the only one capable of really measuring the water footprint of the crop, as well as the contamination by fertilizer.
We have developed a self-installable kit for the farmer and a subscription model that includes the renting of the IoT element. The system is distributed pre-configured so that any farmer can implement it without technical support. Currently available for Berries and Vegetables.
Our technological development is based on scientific and field research of more than 15 years in the south of Spain and we have in our team one of the main European reference researchers in this field.
Only the international market for berries has a size of 45,900 USD Mn and a CAGR of 5.7% (2017-2027).
Due to our geographical location in southern Spain we have access to 35,000 producers and the possibility of accessing 60% of the market due to its concentration.
We have the support of distributors at a European level and we already have a portfolio of 15 clients.

Podrobnosti o financiranju

Financiranje projekta zagotovljeno,: EUR 0.22 mio (15 %)

Vir financiranja: Zasebno

15% in IoT product improvement and adaptation to new strategic crops for the EU (Green Deal)
40% in marketing at European level.
15% for patents at international level due to the development of the technology.
15% R+D+i in Artificial Intelligence to simplify the decisions of the producers and to foresee the water footprint at the beginning of the crops in order to reach the sustainability objectives.
15% Dissemination of the project, training to the community, benmarking

Nosilec projekta je za ta projekt prejel /zaprosil za finančno podporo EU/EIB

Obstoječa oz. možna ozka grla pri izvedbi projekta/Možna tveganja

1) The main risk is the confusion of the producers due to the current way of calculation, based on an Anglo-Saxon model that does not serve them to improve the sustainability of the crops.
2) Market noise from consulting firms that sell audit-based services that have no quantitative scientific means to demonstrate sustainability.
3) There is no unified standard at the European level that aligns the calculation.

Dodatne informacije o projektu

The importance of calculating in a real (quantitative) way the water footprint and the water pollution by fertilizers is fundamental to achieve the sustainability objectives marked by the EU GREEN DEAL.
It is impossible to achieve it by estimated means or in third party evaluations.
On the other hand this data must be automated in a safe and inviolable way so that the authorities can have a quantitative and real map to direct their actions.
Easy to implement and use control tools must be provided to producers so that they can modify their practices with respect to water use in real time to allow for continuous improvement.
Finally, consumers have the right to know what we consume.

Objava: 04/02/2021 | Zadnja posodobitev: 04/02/2021

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