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Descrição do projeto

‘Cold Mountain Resort & SPA’ is an Exclusive Integrated Thematic Project in a land situated in the highlands of the Transylvania Region in Romania.

The plan is to develop an integrated thematic project at the mountains near the unique holiday resorts of the wider area of Brasov, in a land surrounded with landscapes of exquisite beauty and with stunning view of the area.

The ’Cold Mountain Resort & Spa’ will be the first project of its kind in the area, a gated and integrated health, leisure and real estate development, with high style accommodation and leisure infrastructure, including spa, restaurant, conference room, bar, café, etc.

Chrysostomos Nicolaides

Project Manager

Chrysses Nicolaides, is a Strategic consultant specializing in strategic planning and development, and in conceiving, planning and coordination of projects and events. Has over 30 years of experience in Transport, Tourism and other sectors of the economy and held managerial positions in companies and multinational organisations in Cyprus and abroad.

Chrysses has gained extensive international experience, with assignments in Cyprus, Greece, United Kingdom, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Germany, Nigeria, Romania, Serbia and Moldova.

He has contacted studies for Government Ministries and Semi-Government organizations - Cyprus Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and the Environment, Cyprus State Fair Authority, Cyprus Tourism Organization - and Local Authorities.

He managed and coordinated a number of multidisciplinary projects funded by European initiatives in Urban, Rural and Regional Development, Energy, Transport, Tourism, Culture, Society and the environment.

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País, Região

Roménia [Centru]

Data de início

Janeiro 2018

Estimativa do custo total do projeto

euros 8.4 milhões



Indústria para PME e empresas de média capitalização

Propriedade dos ativos


Tipo de projeto

Novo de raiz (Greenfield)

Estado de adiantamento do projeto

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A pedido

Justificação económica/Modelo de negócio

Market studies of recent years for deployments and tourism show a substantial increase of consumer interest for relaxation, recreation and nature.
Integrated developments, ecological and natural villages, attract today large investments in many countries taking advantage of the increasing trend and demand for settlements and resorts which
offer relaxation, recreation and contact with nature.
Mountains and the countryside are preferred destinations with unique winter and summer resorts to attract the interest of local and foreign visitors.
The mountains in the wider area of Brasov in Romania are offered for alternative forms of sustainable tourism development, with the rich natural environment and the stunning mountain views.
The aim of the project design is to give a real opportunity for alternative tourism, focusing on popular categories of activities in the countryside.
The project concerns the development of a new destination based on the modern concept for diversification and specialization of accommodation, recreation and tourism.
An innovative development project, which will serve as a model for the development of rural tourism. “Cold Mountain Resort & SPA” resort, which takes the form of a natural eco-village.

Informações sobre o financiamento

Financiamento do projeto garantido: euros 1.68 milhões (20 %)

Fonte de financiamento: Privada

The project is looking for equity investment and an investor to build, operate and maintain the project.

O promotor candidatou-se ou tem a intenção de se candidatar a financiamento da UE ou do BEI para este projeto

Impedimentos existentes ou potenciais à realização do projeto/Riscos potenciais

The success of the project is based on the implementation of the new integrated development approach, adopted successfully in many countries of the world and which refers to high quality innovative projects characterized with the careful selection of the location and the application of the principles of sustainable development.
No obstacles or delays are foreseen unless there is a change in the regulatory framework.

Informações complementares sobre o projeto

Drawings have been prepared by the project architect and have been approved by the local government converting the land from extravilan to intravilan and the status of the land from agricultural to residential.
The Zonal Urbanism Plans and accompanying local regulations “PUZ” is prepared and approved by the local municipality.

The approved drawings include:
Residential: The section consists of a number of rural houses and villas designed to fit to the Romanian village architectural line and built with natural materials.
Hotel: Hotel with a number of rooms, restaurant, cafeteria, conference room and recreational areas.
Wellness Centre -SPA: Wellness Centre with SPA and Sports facilities.

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