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ARION2 is a microlauncher designed to offer flights to low-Earth orbit (LEO) for micro-satelllites and cubesats, to cater to the current lack of launch opportunities for small payloads.

Recent market research confirms that there is a bottleneck for launching small payloads into orbit. Satellites basically come in two sizes and masses: large government and military satellites on the one hand and small commercial satellites on the other. However, launchers have been designed to launch large payloads, while there is demand for 3000 opportunities to launch nano/microsatellites between 2016 and 2022.

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Spanje [Comunidad Valenciana]


september 2017

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20 mln euro


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Eigendomsvorm activa


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Greenfield (nieuw)


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PLD Space has been developing a family of launch vehicles since 2013. With a seed series of €1m, the technology demonstrator was developed for a liquid-fuel rocket motor. Subsequently, in Series A, costing €8m, a suborbital launch vehicle is being developed to provide access to space services. With this Series B, costing €20m, €16m of which is private capital, our orbital rocket ARION 2 will be put into service to offer orbit access services for small satellites. Of that amount, €17.01m will be allocated to R&D for two years, while the rest will cover needs to offer the first commercial launches.
PLD Space has developed a 10-year financial model in as much detail as possible.Financing of €25m is needed to reach break-even point. Of this, €3.27m is marketing expenses, which will fund launch operations. For OPEX, €2.99m will fund indirect and operating costs of PLD Space. Some €4.37m are allocated to staff costs. Investments in CAPEX amount to €14.24m, which include two major R&D programmes to develop the ARION 1and ARION 2 rockets, and the necessary infrastructure. A further €0.22m cover financial costs.


Financieringsbron: Particulier

It is planned to obtain private funding from private investors, which may be venture capital funds, individuals, family offices, or investment vehicles from any country. Any amount in excess of €4 million may be contributed until the round figure of €16 million is attained.

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Knelpunten en risico’s voor het project

Investment in:
— adapting the launcher technology used in ARION1 (suborbital launcher) to ARION2
— expanding the engineering team for the development of turbopumps, interstages, loading bays and dispensers
— extending the propulsion test bench
— adapting launch platforms
— certification of orbital launcher

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Worldwide, there are 10 initiatives that aim to satisfy this demand and we believe that Europe should not be left out of this new space race. ARION2 is an opportunity to make space affordable by offering cost-effective orbital launches, adapted to the needs of small payloads and the frequent launches that this new age is now demanding.

Publicatie: 07/09/2016 | Laatste update: 07/09/2016

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