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Descrizione del progetto

Design, Construction, Financing, Operation, Maintenance & Exploitation of Water Airports throughout Greece.

The project includes the preparation of necessary studies, the completion of the relative licensing procedures, the construction of the required facilities, the supply of the equipment as well as the provision of relative training to the personnel. The aim of the project is to develop a network of at least 55 water airports sited at or close to ports and lakes throughout the country.

Paese, Regione

Grecia [Ιόνια Νησιά (Ionia Nisia)]

Grecia [Βόρειο Αιγαίο (Voreio Aigaio)]

Grecia [Νότιο Αιγαίο (Notio Aigaio)]

Data d’inizio

settembre 2016

Costo stimato del progetto

euro 16.5 milioni


Nodi multimodali (porti, aeroporti, stazioni, piattaforme logistiche)


Proprietà delle attività


Tipo di progetto

Nuovo settore

Stato del progetto


Tipo di entrata


Fondamento economico/Modello aziendale

Greece, due to its morphology (many coastal areas & islands) & its significant tourism industry, is ideal for the development of water airports (w/a). Seaplane constitutes a new & eco-friendly transportation mode, ideal for the satisfaction of the country’s transport needs, as it can allow quick & easy access to the islands, which constitute the most popular tourism destinations in Greece.
Seaplanes are expected to optimize accessibility facilities of a number of islands that either lack of airports or sea shipping is occasionally insufficient & to ensure connectivity towards neighboring regions throughout the year, thus facilitating transfer of goods, search & rescue missions & transport of patients & contributing to the strengthening of regional integration.
It is acknowledged that projects of this size could, potentially, be examined more favorably by investors’ pooling vehicles such as an investment platform, within the scope of a bundle of relevant projects, as a means to achieving a more efficient flow of projects & reduced risk. The proposed framework by EFSI could, thus, represent an efficient way for investors to align interests & achieve larger scale of investments.

Dettagli del finanziamento

Fonte di finanziamento: Partnership pubblico-privato

The project duration is estimated at 60 months.
The proposed business model is that of a PPP. The construction and operation of the project will be undertaken by a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). Sources of revenues include the commercial exploitation of the whole facilities.

Il promotore ha ricevuto/richiesto il sostegno finanziario dell’UE/ della BEI per quanto riguarda questo progetto.

Strozzature esistenti o potenziali per la realizzazione del progetto/Rischi potenziali

The pending introduction to the Greek Parliament of legislation regarding public works and permitting as well as of legislation that integrates 2014 EU Directives 23, 24 & 25, regarding public procurement contracts, will lead to the resolution of potential risks and / or bottlenecks relating to the process leading up to the contracting stage and to the monitoring of the project for the whole period of construction and operation.

Informazioni supplementari sul progetto

The proposed investment project optimizes accessibility facilities, supports maritime connectivity & multimodality, contributes to ensuring connectivity towards neighboring regions as well as the hinterland & internal sea links with the islands, involves all relevant actors, notably regional & local authorities, industry & business world, promotes European Infrastructure standards.
Moreover, the project aims to contribute to the increase of tourist flows on the islands & other coastal areas, in cooperation with the cruise industry, but also to enhance the employment & the local economies through jobs creation.

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