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AIR/R HEALTH DEVICES is developing a protective mask with a unique high-performance HEPA filter, which connects in real-time: the ‘AIR/R P4’.

The ‘AIR/R P4’ uses a patented innovative and high-performance NPF HEPA filtration system (High Efficiency Particulate Air). The filter uses a specifically modified catalytic structure, which is capable of using catalysts to eliminate harmful substances found in the air, such as nitrogen oxides, carbon oxides and organic pollution. This filtration solution is revolutionary and reliable. This system filters out solid, liquid, bacterial and viral particles.

Emeuric Gleizes


Having been a serial entrepreneur for the last decade, Emeuric Gleizes is passionate about new technologies and wishes to contribute to enhancing French industry by mobilising all of its resources to further innovation. Emeuric Gleizes is the CEO of the company SPACETRAIN, which is developing a high-speed transportation vehicle.


Ország, régió

Franciaország [Île de France]

Kezdő dátum

április 2020

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EUR 2.5 millió



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Using single-use or temporary masks as a solution does not fit with the aims of our society to fight against economic waste and the waste of raw materials. With the air becoming more and more polluted, infectious agents such as COVID-19 risk spreading more regularly in the future, forcing humanity to adapt to difficult living conditions. Between the needs of the public and those of professionals, stocks of single-use supplies will always be threatened by shortages. Our mask offers an alternative. The filter is self-cleaning and permanent thanks to the integration of a graphene substrate and other nanoparticles which capture biological and chemical pollutants. One simple recharge decontaminates the filter in less than 10 minutes and allows for 12 hours of use. This product would first of all be principally used by nations’ key workers.

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A projekt finanszírozása biztosítva van: EUR 0.13 millió (5 %)

Önrész: EUR 0.13 millió (5 %)

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Emeuric Gleizes and Kwantum Participations have already invested EUR 702,000 into the project since 2017.
Public Investment Bank (Banque Publique d’Investissement, BPI) - Through INNOV’up: EUR 100,000

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The availability of electrical components and nanoparticles could be a bottleneck. This is why the innovation and production chain must remain local and not use suppliers outside of the European Union.
Constant innovation is crucial to remain one step ahead of potential competitors.

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This phenomenon, caused by humanity’s way of life as a whole, is conducive to the emergence of pathogens. Therefore, we could regularly relive large-scale health crises such as COVID-19. In the wake of the health crisis of spring 2020,
numerous governments all around the world will heavily invest in equipment which will allow the country’s essential workers to take a proactive role in the future.

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