Description du projet

EKOFOLIO is mission-driven fintech company, whose core mission to enable everyone to invest profitably in Forestry assets.

The global forestry investment sector remains very niche, but still accounts for approximately US$100+billion in institutional investment - include TIMOs, REITs, Stocks, and direct holdings in private capital. Our vision is to utilize the latest advances in blockchain technology to create a transparent, dynamic and liquid market specifically for the specialist asset class of forests globally, enabling large and small investors to participate on comparable terms.

Ian Choo

Founder and Managing Partner

Pays, Région

Luxembourg [Luxembourg]

Date de début

mars 2019

Coût estimé du projet

2 millions EUR


Autres domaines numériques, y compris le contenu et les services

Agriculture et développement rural, sylviculture et bioéconomie

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Logique/modèle économique

Our strategy of market creation through financial inclusion involves making the asset class available to broad base of non-traditional investors, who have investible capital of between US$50 – 1M. We do this through ’Tokenization’ of specific forests, making them broadly accessible, tradeable before maturity and thus, liquid. This has the potential to address the very specific problems with the forestry asset class that have traditionally deterred large groups of investors – i.e. large tickets, illiquidity, and costly private equity governance models.

Détails du financement

Source de financement: Privée

Financement de projet obtenu: 0.20 millions EUR (10 %)

Contribution perso.: 0.20 millions EUR (10 %)

Freins existants ou potentiels pour la réalisation du projet / risques potentiels

Market Risk – The greatest risk of Product-Market fit and Customer Acceptance. We take special care to communicate the stable, long term appreciation, inflation-protection, low transaction costs of our of our assets – and its unique potential for creating social impact.

Trust and Reputational Risk – Our reputation is key as a fintech company, thus, we are transparent in our disclosures, and list only investment quality assets with all the requisite certifications (e.g. FSC)

Publication: 19/10/2018 | Dernière mise à jour: 12/06/2019

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