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Description du projet

Our systems transform virtually any vessel, motorhome or caravan into a smart home. Everything is managed in native mobile application over Bluetooth, terrestrial or satellite network.

As truly unique connectivity solutions, they offer a possibility of connection to most of currently available heating sources and to the existing pre-installed electronic devices or they can work independently. Their universal design guarantees freedom from the limits of era of production or factory configuration of the mobile living in question. Integrated support of wireless transmission allows connection between different security sensors, such as Keyless Go cards or wireless gas measurement.

Michal Provázek

CEO / Founder

Michal is a multilingual person with a long-term experience in the fields of different technologies, such as computing and telemetry, and also development and leadership. He invented several functioning information systems, such as FuelTrack telemetry units, which are used by thousands in colossal companies, such as Strabag SE. He also acquired an official dealership of premium leisure vehicle brand Adria Mobil. Currently he runs, manages and leads a number of projects, such as CaraControl and MariControl, and keeps expanding them onto the world market.

En savoir plus

Pays, Région

République tchèque [Olomoucký kraj]

Date de début

avril 2017

Coût estimé du projet

2.1 millions EUR


Recherche, développement et innovation

Industrie pour les PME et entreprises de taille intermédiaire

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Logique/modèle économique

With constantly growing trend of internet of things (IoT), need for a quality comprehensive solution for leisure segment, which is, as of now, unavailable on the market, is also growing. The potential of future integration of products on a large scale is, thus, considerably high, which is proven by the reactions of professional public gained at several fairs in Europe and Australia, where both products were successfully presented. At the same time, the market analysis has shown that there are no products of similar concept or technological level on the market.

Our market research and statistics have indicated that if the value of CaraControl’s penetration to the world market for the vehicles with age of up to 6 years be equal to 5%, it would mean 177.117 running units in the total retail price of 98.299.235€ without accessories and data services. This prediction does not include the marine leisure market.

Détails du financement

Financement de projet obtenu: 0.420 millions EUR (20 %)

Contribution perso.: 0.336 millions EUR (16 %)

Source de financement: Privée

Le promoteur a fait une demande de financement de l’UE ou de la BEI pour ce projet, ou a l’intention de le faire

Freins existants ou potentiels pour la réalisation du projet / risques potentiels

Due to the fact that our system is of a complex nature, many users may find it challenging to utilise all functions that we offer. In our experience, even professionals of this segment experience difficulties when attempting to grasp the conceptuality of our solution. Some users are not used to the concept of connectivity and may find them impractical or useless altogether.

Informations complémentaires sur le projet

Thanks to the universal construction and design of the products, we are able to meet the requirements of a wide spectrum of customers on both marine leisure and RV market, promising high sales potential worldwide. Additionally, we aim to expand the project further in the following years, expecting to acquire new target groups.

Publication: 06/09/2018 | Dernière mise à jour: 06/09/2018

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