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Secure communication platform to encourage global transparency. Secure reporting on concerns to any private or public organisation in the world !

Encourage global transparency by offering a communication platform that enables individuals to report on concerns in a secure way and allows organizations to organize save compliance with the new EU Whistleblowing regulations. Communicate with any private or public organisation on illegal acts, unethical behaviour or other serious concerns in a secure way. Send sensitve health, KYC, R&D, attorney privileged and other confidential information without dataleakage risks.

frank staelens


Subject matter expert with SaaS sales and marketing experience
Former big 4 partner

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Pays, Région

Belgique [Prov. West-Vlaanderen]


United Kingdom

Date de début

novembre 2020

Coût estimé du projet

1 millions EUR


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Industrie pour les PME et entreprises de taille intermédiaire

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Global transparency will benefit from providing individuals with a secure communication platform to express concerns and report on wrongdoing to any private or public organisations / safe compliance with the new EU Whistleblower Protection Directive will require for organizations to setup safe communication means with competent authorities / full compliance with the new regulations will require for organisations to provide the means to individuals to report to the confidential resource of their choice / organisations will need an access to back up case management and investigation services to comply with the feed-back deadlines // The pain for individuals: no ways to report on concerns without disclosing identities, liabilities as a result of dataleaks due to the use of insecure mailing / The pain for organisations: full, easy and secure compliance with the new EU Whistleblowing Directive, secure group discussions around sensitive topics, access to back up support services / The revenue generation model: free invitations by individuals will push organizations to buy safe communication means from a corporate governance perspective and organizations will pull in employees to deal with their compliance pains / marketplace for impartial case management and investigation services

Détails du financement

Financement de projet obtenu: 0.01 millions EUR (1 %)

Contribution perso.: 0.01 millions EUR (1 %)

Freins existants ou potentiels pour la réalisation du projet / risques potentiels

User acceptance - make users believe it is safe to use the platform, timely launch of the minimum marketable product – by mid next year we need to be able to start leveraging on the momentum around the new EU Whistleblower Protection Directive, avoid abuse and misuse of the platform

Informations complémentaires sur le projet

The problems we solve:
- Non or unsave compliance with the EU Whistleblowing regulations
- Dataleaks as a result of insecure mailing of sensitive data
- Impossibility to reveal concerns without revealing identities
- Lack of back up support services

Publication: 04/02/2021 | Dernière mise à jour: 05/02/2021

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