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Description du projet

New generation of electric turbines for Urban Air mobility and electric aviation.

European Sustainable Propulsion (ESP) is developing the solution to enable further development of the VTOL industry with electric turbines (Electric ducted fans) codenamed Apollo, Athena, Hermes, etc.. They combine high static thrust needed for vertical take-off & landing and allow for Distributed Propulsion to ensure high safety for rotor-craft and aircrafts.



Robert co-founded the Neva Project and Neva Aerospace and European Sustainable Propulsion SAS (ESP) - where he is implementing his vision on how to integrate Neva’s technology into the emerging UAV market. His goal is to guarantee the company’s success as a leader in electric aviation and industrial robotics aircraft.
Robert developed an expertise in international business operations and commercial development in diverse cultural settings. Today he holds more than twenty years’ experience working internationally - with project experience in the former Soviet Union, Asia, and Africa. Sustainability is a key issue for Robert and he has served as an expert for the United Nations (for the UNFCCC).

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Pays, Région

France [Pays de la Loire]


Lituanie [Vilniaus apskritis]

United Kingdom

Date de début

janvier 2018

Coût estimé du projet

20 millions EUR


Nouvelles technologies et écologisation des transports

Industrie pour les PME et entreprises de taille intermédiaire

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Logique/modèle économique

Sales of Electric turbines
Sales of Urban Air mobility platforms
R&D Consulting
Future model: lease / rent of transport system time - Uber type based network for urban Air mobility

Détails du financement

Financement de projet obtenu: 10 millions EUR (50 %)

Source de financement: Privée

Le promoteur a fait une demande de financement de l’UE ou de la BEI pour ce projet, ou a l’intention de le faire

Freins existants ou potentiels pour la réalisation du projet / risques potentiels

Main bottleneck for Europe: Money availability for capital intensive infrastructure / hardware venture.
Competition: USA and China - starting to buy back through investment EU startups to pump-out our technologies.
technical bottleneck: Battery capacity to go beyond 500Wh/Kg.
legal bottleneck: Air regulation and Air insurance to be adapted to urban air Mobility systems

Informations complémentaires sur le projet

We have now 25kg MTOW platform flying and we expect to reach 150Kg by the end of 2019.
Systems are already sold and in test in the US and Canada.
Turbo-drones demonstration:

Publication: 25/03/2019 | Dernière mise à jour: 25/03/2019

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