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Seal of excellence

Descripción del proyecto

ZAPIENS connects people with questions to the right answer in any company, making the process of getting and sharing knowledge seamless.

Average employees waste more than 5 hours every week either waiting for vital information from their colleagues or working to recreate existing institutional knowledge. This great loss of time leads to a great loss of productivity which, in turn, translates into losses of millions of euros each year.

Zapiens solution is a virtual assistant to answer any question at work, already embedded in the platforms where most of the work itself is happening at corporates: Microsoft 365, Slack, Salesforce

Aurelio Jimenez

Chief Business Officer

Engineer and MBA with 20 years of experience in strategy and business growth, leading international teams and projects.

Más información

País, región

España [Principado de Asturias]

Fecha de comienzo

mayo 2019

Coste estimado del proyecto

2.1 millones de euros


Capital humano, educación y formación

Digital, incluidos los contenidos y servicios digitales

Titularidad de los activos


Tipo de proyecto


Estado del proyecto

Construcción iniciada

Tipo de ingresos

Basados en el mercado

Creación de empleo prevista


Justificación económica / modelo empresarial

ZAPIENS is a leading startup into the knowledge management market $171 billion (TAM US only), (TechCrunch Oct 2017), and should be the market leader.

Our growth strategy is double-sided. One the one side, we’re building integrations with MS TEAMS, SAP Success Factors and Salesforce and partnering with IT partners already selling to big corporates.

On the other side, we’ll work on a pure b2b SaaS service with outbound prospecting for middle-size companies.

Detalles de la financiación

Financiación del proyecto garantizada: 0.63 millones de euros (30 %)

Fuente de financiación: Privada

We have an h2020 SME Instrument Phase-2 plus private investment.

El promotor ha recibido/solicitado apoyo financiero de la UE/el BEI en relación con este proyecto.

Obstáculos existentes o potenciales para la realización del proyecto / Riesgos potenciales

- The status quo, the “resistance to change” in every company is the most important risk.
- The concern about the personal data protection and security of the information
- Marketing strategies may also be different in different regions or countries
- Knowledge Management is an emerging market, not very well known in some companies yet.

We know all these potential risks and have a strategy to overcome them.

Información adicional sobre el proyecto

Having a great product is always the foundation but a clear distribution strategy becomes essential to
become a €100 million company. To hit that threshold, ZAPIENS’ best support is the high Life Time
Value (LTV) per client: ZAPIENS is a subscription business with a monthly fee based on the number of
active licenses per month. Because our customers built their collective intelligence using our software, the
exit barrier becomes higher the more time they use ZAPIENS.

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